Food Coding

Food Safety

Food safety is the term that is used to indicate the extent to which food is safe for our health. It includes the risk of food poisoning, food deterioration and decay, dangerous allergic reactions and other potential risks. British food safety is of a high level. However, food that is 100% safe does not exist. To reduce risks, companies and institutions that process food are required to meet strict food safety rules.

Food Coding

The days of the week are spelled differently in almost every language. Our colour coded system transends all languages. Every day of the week has it’s own colour, ensuring it is quick and easy to use.

Our solutions are visually orientated. We understand that the speed of doing business, together with an increasing multi-cultural workforce, a food safety system must be quick and easy to use. The LABELLORD system ensures good controllability whilst meeting all your regulatory requirements.

Unique Materials

Aqualabel™ and Flushlabel™ remain in place after coding your products, leaving no residue. Both systems are easily removed. The Aqualabel™ label is removable when it is in contact with water, whilst the Flushlabel™ label dissolves completely, which is ideal for dishwasher use. Both LABELLORD solutions are easy to fit in any new or existing HACCP plan.