Allergen Coding


LABELLORD has extensive expertise in the field of food coding, including a coding system for allergens. The allergen icons are intended for use in food service environments such as catering, restaurants, retail and healthcare.

Legal Obligations

The law states that in any environment where non-prepacked foods are offered for sale, you must clearly and visibly state relevant allergen information. Allergen information can be communicated in writing or electronically in the following two ways:

1. A sticker at the point of sale, or as part of a display, that is clear, visible and easy to read for consumers.

2. Displaying the allergen information alongside the dish on your menu, or by placing a card or placard in the immediate vacinity of where the food is being served. This latter method is widely used at buffets and cafeterias.

It is important that the information you provide meets current regulations.

Verbal Communicaion

Allergen information can be communicated verbally to guests or residents, as long as you meet the following three conditions:

1. The allergens information can be conveyed by a worker immediately and correctly to the consumer in advance of the purchase or consumption. In other words, this is very reliant on your employees being properly trained.

2. The allergy information is always available in either written or electronic form available for reference for your staff. This needs be guaranteed by means of a digital system, registry, or by good availability of all your labels.

3. At each point of sale (menu, buffet, display, salad counter) you clearly make visible to your consumers that they can obtain allergy information directly from the staff.