tips against fruit flies

Five tips against fruit flies

Even though they are small, they are not less annoying: no fruit is safe for the fruit fly. Every year they come back and they multiply quickly into a plague in your kitchen, especially with hot weather. Although the fruit flies are more annoying than they will cause illness, a plague will have to be fought. They easily come in, but can you get them out? LABELLORD gives five tips through which the fruit flies leave your kitchen quickly.

1. No vegetable and fruit left

Make sure no decaying fruit is left and discard vegetables and fruit residues in a closed container that is preferably placed in a refrigerated room immediately.

Fruit flies also love soft drinks and alcoholic drinks. These bottles and caps always contain residues. Therefor rinse them well and put them away in a cool room immediately.

2. Wash the fruit thoroughly

Wash the newly purchased fruit thoroughly under running water before placing in the fruit bowl. Store ripe fruit in plastic bins that are easy to seal.

3. Hygiene in the kitchen

By following the rules regarding the hygiene code (HACCP) the fruit flies will not entail any health risks. However, when hand and dish cloths, sponges and mops are not washed in time, they are, through the formation of acids, a breeding nest for fruit flies and pathogenic bacteria. Also dirty dishes have a great appeal for the fruit flies. Do not leave the dirty dishes out too long and rinse the dirty glasses immediately.

4. Orange with clove

It smells a lot better than a tray with vinegar and works at least as well: an orange with clove. Fruit flies hate strong scents such as clove, garlic and various herbs. By placing an orange which is cut in half and where a number of cloves are put in, the fruit flies will leave quickly.

5. Vinegar with dish soap

Although prevention is better than cure, and by setting up a fruit fly trap you will not only catch the flies but also attract them, a fruit fly trap can help to divert the flies from the fruit and vegetables. For example, put down a tray of vinegar and add a drop of dish soap to ensure that the flies sink to the bottom after coming into contact with the mixture. Another well-known method to make a trap is to put a tray with some substance that attracts the flies and to stretch a piece of foil with very small holes over it. The flies will do everything to get in the box but once inside they will not be able to find the exit again because there is nothing that attracts them outside the box.


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