Hygiene Audit

What is the current status of your HACCP system?

A hygiene audit is a quick and easy way to get a clear picture of the improvements required in your kitchen. LABELLORD has, through many years of experience, a wealth of knowledge in the field of food safety and hygiene.


The audit is performed by one of our experienced LABELLORD consultants. Assessment includes key points such as preparation areas, work behavior, processes and policy issues. The audit is conducted using a thorough questionnaire.

Full HACCP audit

During the audits all relevant areas will be thoroughly assessed. Any books and records are also inspected. Hygiene audit is a complete HACCP audit on all legal and regulatory requirements. After the external audit is complete, we will hold an evaluation meeting, where both the positive aspects and any corrective actions and improvements will be discussed with you. Any concerns will be contained in our report so that you can determine and prioritise the HACCP actions .


Need to know how food safe your kitchen is? Then, please ask for a quotation. We will contact you within 24 hours to arrange a convenient time and date to visit.