LabelLORD Systems


Easy to Go: our new labeling solution for the food industry

The LABELLORD Easy to Go is a standalone printer that quickly and easily prints the right label that meets the requirements of the law without the need for a computer. The standalone printer is portable and especially suitable for quick service restaurants, catering and canteens. Easy to Go easily prints the expiration label for the kitchen, as well as final product labels with ingredients, packaging date, expiration date, price, barcode and your company logo. Lots of information on a label is no problem for the Easy to Go.

Clear Concept

The benefits of LABELLORD concept are clear; the right solution for every kitchen that is quick, easy to apply and time-saving. LABELLORD also helps reduce food waste whilst helping you meet all your legal requirements. The pre-printed labels LABELLORD are fast and efficient to use.  And, with the latest development of LABELLORD, we now have a fully automated food coding system.