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Storage-Refrigeration Label

The LABELLORD Storage-Refrigeration Label can be used for the coding of products that are stored in the warehouse or in the refrigeration. Specifically designed to be part of the LABELLORD Midi | Contaions 250 labels per roll | Size 70 x 35 mm | Available in both Aqualabel and Flushlabel.

Item numbers

Aqualabel: 11716207
Flushlabel: 117416207

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The LABELLORD system

LABELLORD labels are easy to remove with two solutions; wash off and water soluble. Both are hygienic, prevent damage and save on labour!


Aqualabel™ with water-soluble adhesive

  • Releases in water
    (removes faster with the addition of alkaline cleaners)
  • Easy to remove
  • Microwave-proof
  • Colour / date coding


Flushlabel™ dissolves completely in water

  • Dissolves in cold water, within 60 seconds
  • Prevents cross contamination

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