The LabelLORD Mini, now discounted up to 36%

Our smallest dispenser, the LabelLORD Mini, is developed specifically for use in institutional kitchens or facilities where a refrigerator is used for storing food products, such as retirement homes, hospital wards and sports canteens. It contains colour coded day-labels for simple coding of opened containers or prepared products with a maximum shelf life of two days.

The LabelLORD Mini dispenser is available in Aqualabel™. Buy one and get a large discount up to 36%. Contact Jamie Fascione for more information.

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The LabelLord system

LabelLord labels are easy to remove with two solutions; wash off and water soluble. Both are hygienic, prevent damage and save on labour!


Aqua Label™ with water-soluble adhesive

  • Releases in water
    (removes faster with the addition of alkaline cleaners)
  • Easy to remove
  • Microwave-proof
  • Colour / date coding


FlushLabel™ dissolves completely in water

  • Dissolves in cold water, within 60 seconds
  • Prevents cross contamination

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