How seriously do you take allergens?

Recently, we came across a long Facebook discussion in which a Greek restaurant’s reputation was reduced to rubble. A customer, who had just visited the restaurant, had sent an email with gluten-free advice after she had a severe allergic reaction to the food that was served. The advice detailed in the email was disregarded and ignored by the Chef as he apparently knew very little about allergen preparation and risk management. The restaurant’s response to the customer’s complaint, ‘mind your own business and don’t come back’, was published on Facebook. LABELLORD’s extensive allergen portfolio can help you “allergy” manage food preparation in your kitchen!

Legislation regarding allergens

As from December 2014, restaurants and other caterers are obligated to provide allergen information. Any person with a food intolerance or allergy just wants to have a nice dinner with friends and be able to trust that he or she will not get sick afterwards. The effects of an allergic reaction can be quite severe and before they occur, your customer is often already at home. Usually, these guests don’t mind having less choice but their biggest problem is the lack of knowledge in the kitchen.

Carefree eating

Avoid excuses afterwards and make sure your guests like to come back again because they enjoyed your dishes without getting sick. More and more people get diagnosed with allergies or intolerances and these people often do a lot of research before deciding which restaurant to go to. A hospitality business that presents itself as an expert in the area of allergens can really stand out from the competition. Make allergens a part of your daily business!

Our solutions

To make sure that your allergen information is in order, LABELLORD has a coding system that is simple to use, affordable and suitable for every catering environment. The system is available directly at LabelLord or through Acoura, our distributor. Read more about the LABELLORD solutions here.

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The LABELLORD system

LABELLORD labels are easy to remove with two solutions; wash off and water soluble. Both are hygienic, prevent damage and save on labour!


Aqualabel™ with water-soluble adhesive

  • Releases in water
    (removes faster with the addition of alkaline cleaners)
  • Easy to remove
  • Microwave-proof
  • Colour / date coding


Flushlabel™ dissolves completely in water

  • Dissolves in cold water, within 60 seconds
  • Prevents cross contamination

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