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Food Coding

LABELLORD is designed to easily fit into your HACCP plan, including existing plans. We have two solutions, Aqualabel™ and Flushlabel™ which remain adhered to the product, until you are ready to remove them. Aqualabel ™ label allows easy release when it comes into contact with water, whilst the Flushlabel ™ label dissolves completely.

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Allergen Coding

Our allergen coding system conforms to legal requirements and provides  increased food security for people with allergies or food intolerances.

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A preventive system to detect and reduce possible risks in food preparation processes and environments.  Appropriate measures are then put in place to ensure that any risks identifed are monitored and managed to ensure food safety.

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Hygiene Audit

Would you like to know how safe the food in your kitchen is?  Our Hygiene Audit is a complete HACCP audit of all your legal requirements.  We would be happy to provide  a quotation.  And, within 24 hours of our visit, we will contact you with our recommendations and proposal.

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LABELLORD Easy to Go is a labeling solution for the food catering industry. Easy to Go is a stand alone printer that quickly and easily prints the right label that meets legal and regulatory requirements without the need of a computer.

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